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New Publications

ForestSat Presentations

  • Lucy Walker has added her talk on 4-D scanning with the SALCA to the ForestSat presentation page. View spring green-up images and plant area profiles from two sites and three time periods to watch the leaves grow.

ALS–TLS–Hyperspectral Merging at Suburban Luton, UK

  • Visit this blog to view urban habitat mapping from ALS, TLS, and hyperspectral imaging by TLSIIG members Steve Hancock and Mat Disney. Your garden may be next!

Zebedee Scanner from CSIRO

  • No more tripods, leveling, and dancing around scanners! CSIRO’s new handheld Zebedee generates point clouds as you walk through the woods. Just “shake and bake”! Watch the video to see how it works.

VegNet Autonomous Scanner

  • Tired of lugging your scanner into the woods to follow tree growth and LAI changes? Check out the VegNet lidar instrument, which is permanently mounted in the forest and does an autonomous daily azimuth scan at a constant zenith angle of 57.5°. Read about it in a paper in the journal Sensors by TLSIIG members Darius Culvenor, Glenn Newnham, et al.