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  • Ready for another great video on Quantitative Structure Modeling (QSM)? Here’s a YouTube link for an updated version of Markku Åkerblom’s animation demonstrating how QSM works to capture and measure tree structures. You’ll wish you had a tripod for your lidar like his!

Recent Publications

  • Caves, salt marshes, mangroves, and eroding coastal slopes, not to mention temperate and tropical forests, are all targets for the Compact Biomass Lidar (CBL), as demonstrated in a new paper in Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation by Ian Paynter and Crystal Schaaf’s crew at UMass Boston. Have a read to see what this “little lidar that could” can do!
  • Looking for a up-to-date review paper on TLS and ALS? Jan Eitel and friends’ new article in Remote Sensing of Environment focuses on multitemporal and multispectral applications using return intensities as well as point locations. The reference list is worth the trip alone!
  • Tired of worrying about using those stock values for the proportion of woody area (α) in the PAI to estimate the LAI from hemiphotos? Take heart — Will Woodgate and friends have a new method for retrieving α (alpha) from classified imagery or scanner data that works really well. Their new paper in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology provides the details.
  • Lambertian leaves? Think again. A new paper by Sanna Kaasalainen and colleagues at QFo Finland uses their hyperspectral lidar to show that leaves do, in fact, have a strong specular component to lidar reflectance. And, the specularity is wavelength dependent — so spectral indexes or even spectral ratios are angle-dependent, too. Hmmm….